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Outlet valve - 011 VA 31929 000 MAHLE ORIGINAL
Outlet valve - 011 VA 31929 000 MAHLE ORIGINAL
Outlet valve - 011 VA 31929 000 MAHLE ORIGINAL
Outlet valve - 011 VA 31929 000 MAHLE ORIGINAL

Outlet valve - 011 VA 31929 000 MAHLE ORIGINAL

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  • Part Number: 011 VA 31929 000
  • Type: Outlet valve
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The engine exhaust valve is located in the cylinder head of the engine.

In order to withstand high temperatures of exhaust gases, the MAHLE ORIGINAL brand Outlet valve is made of different materials:

The plate is made of heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant steels, the valve stem is made of heat-resistant steels, sometimes metallic sodium is placed in the valve stem, to reduce the thermal effect, it can be applied to the working chamfer of the valve special, wear resistant material - stellite, to increase the service life.

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The principle of the outlet valve work

By smoothing the radius of the exhaust channel in the cylinder head, the flow of exhaust gases leaves the combustion chamber without resistance, which has a positive effect on the temperature regime of the exhaust valve.

The quick exhaust valves are designed to increase the speed of the pneumatic cylinder by reducing the air resistance in the exhaust line at the moment of the piston return stroke.

The efficient operation of the quick exhaust valves increases the frequency of activation of the pneumatic cylinders, and also allows the use of pneumatic valves with a smaller bore section, which leads to a decrease in the size and weight of the actuator and to a decrease in compressed air losses.

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Tech Data
Fitting PositionExhaust Side
Valve head diameter [mm]24,35
Valve stem diameter [mm]4,92
Length [mm]114,4
Valve seat angle [°]45,0
Valve Seat MaterialChrome-Mangan-Nickel Steel
Packaging height [cm]14,00
Net Weight [g]32
Packaging length [cm]4,2
Packaging width [cm]4,20

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