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Car filter

Four types of filters are distinguished in a car: fuel, oil, air and cabin. Each of them provides stable and reliable operation of the car, therefore, it is necessary to monitor their functioning and prevent failure.

Air filter provides clean dust-free air in the engine, which protects the engine from damage. This filter includes several stages of purification: the first stage retains dust particles with a diameter of up to 0.5 mm and is an inertial grating; the second stage is a paper filter that traps smaller particles of dust. Replacing the air filter, as a rule, is carried out with a mileage of over 60 thousand km.

The oil filter element provides cleaning of engine oil, which can get dust, soot, small particles of metal and other alien objects. This can lead to increased fuel consumption, reduced power. The replacement of this filter is carried out together with the replacement of engine oil. As a rule, this happens when the car runs over 60 thousand km or when the quality of the engine oil deteriorates.

Using a fuel cell, you can filter debris and liquid in fuel. Fuel filtration is divided into two stages: rough cleaning and fine. Coarse cleaning is carried out due to the mesh, and fine - using specially designed paper or fiber, which is saturated with acrylic resin. Studies have shown that with a mileage of 5,000 km, up to 50 grams of garbage is collected in the fuel filter, which is quite enough for any car to fail. Based on this, we can conclude that for the full and durable operation of the engine of your car, it is necessary to monitor its condition and replace the filter components in time.

The cabin filter cleans the air entering through the air conditioning or heating system into the passenger compartment. Its main task is to provide the driver and passengers with clean air without any particles of dust and dirt. Change this element in cities with a high degree of pollution, usually in spring or winter.

Cabin filter element provides three-phase cleaning:

  •   –   pre-filtering;
  •   –   antivirus and electrostatic;
  •   –   catalytic filtration.

It changes every 50 thousand kilometers.

How to choose the right filter for your car

The selection of this part is made for each car individually. When you have determined what types of filters are suitable for your machine, you should pay attention to the manufacturer and the quality of this product. It is also recommended to seek the advice of professionals who will help you understand a large number of different models. We recommend you to buy a filter for a car on the ELart website, where the price corresponds to quality.