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CHRA Cartridge, charger - 60269 MEAT & DORIA

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  • Part Number: 60269
  • Brand: MEAT
  • Type: CHRA Cartridge, charger
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Charles Ocheret
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Quite often, when repairing a turbocharger, an operation such as repairing a cartridge (the so-called middle turbine housing) is necessary. The turbine cartridge is the central unit, which consists of the rotor (shaft and compressor wheel) and bearing assemblies. Largely, the cartridge is the turbine compressor, excluding only three components: hot and cold volutes and a control valve.

You can purchase the following models from us: 
  1. IDEA (350_)
  2. PUNTO (188_)
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The construction of the MEAT brand CHRA Cartridge, charger

The cartridge design forms the core. For this core to function, it is required to restrict the movement of gases (atmospheric and exhaust).

The lifespan of a turbocharger largely depends on how the owner of the car handles it. But there are some features of the unit's operation associated with a particular brand of car. The turbo cartridge has different design features depending on the manufacturer of the turbocharger, and mainly consists of:

  1. the actual bearing housing;
  2. a turbocharger rotor shaft with gas-oil seal parts and a compressor wheel secured with a nut;
  3. radial and thrust bearings;
  4. parts of gas-oil seal (contact and labyrinth);
  5. heat shield on the side of the turbine wheel.

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MEAT & DORIA 60269
SIDAT 47.269
TURBORAIL 500-00253-500
VM 35242125H*
WE PARTS 431370223