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Starter - 8EA 012 527-281 HELLA

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  • Part Number: 8EA 012 527-281
  • Brand: HELLA
  • Type: Starter
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Charles Ocheret
today 06:25pm
Good quality! Super fast delivery. Thank you a lot :)

The starter is designed to start the car engine. It turns the flywheel, which in turn drives the engine's crankshaft.

You can purchase the following models from us: 
  1. CARINA E Saloon (_T19_)
  2. CARINA E (_T19_)
  3. CARINA E Liftback (_T19_)
  4. CARINA E Sportswagon (_T19_)
  5. COROLLA Estate (_E10_)
  6. COROLLA (_E10_)
  7. COROLLA Saloon (_E10_)
  8. COROLLA Estate (_E11_)
  9. COROLLA (_E11_)
  10. COROLLA Saloon (_E11_)
  11. COROLLA Compact (_E11_)
  12. COROLLA Liftback (_E11_)
  13. AVENSIS (_T22_)
  14. AVENSIS Liftback (_T22_)
  15. AVENSIS Estate (_T22_)
  16. COROLLA Station Wagon (_E9_)
  17. COROLLA (_E9_)
  18. COROLLA Saloon (_E9_)
  19. See more in applications

The starter construction

Electric motors are used with electromagnetic excitation or with permanent magnet excitation. The latter are more modern. They are more compact, simpler, consume less current and have a higher rotational speed, but less torque. Therefore, a gearbox is additionally introduced into the design of such starters to increase the torque.

The solenoid relay is designed to supply power to the electric motor and supply the drive gear to the flywheel rim. When the ignition key is turned to the “Start” position, power is supplied to the relay contacts.

The overrunning clutch (“bendix”) protects the HELLA brand Starter motor from damage after starting the engine. As soon as the crankshaft rpm exceeds the starter motor rpm, the freewheel disconnects the drive gear and the motor shaft.

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Tech Data
New part without deposit
Voltage [V]12
Rated Power [kW]1,1
Number of Teeth9
Pinion Rest Position [mm]9
Flange Ø [mm]74
Number of mounting bores2
Number of thread bores1
Used part return not required

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Reference Numbers
ARTEC 48212294
BOSCH 0 001 107 030
BOSCH 0 001 107 075
BOSCH 0 986 016 500
BOSCH 0 986 016 501
BOSCH B 001 110 240
BV PSH 190.514.092.010
BV PSH 190.514.092.215
BV PSH 190.514.092.265
BV PSH 190.514.092.415
ELSTOCK 25-4087
EUROTEC 11040271
FRIESEN 80-52.247
HC-Cargo 111984
HELLA 012 527-281
HELLA 012527281
HELLA 8EA 012 527-281
HELLA 8EA 737 510-001
PowerMax 8212294
PowerMax 88212294
TOYOTA 28100-02040
TOYOTA 28100-02080
TOYOTA 2810016170
VALEO 455924