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Tappet - HL46 MOTIVE

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  • Part Number: HL46
  • Brand: MOTIVE
  • Type: Tappet
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The tappet - a device that regulates the valve of the gas distribution mechanism. Using oil pressure, the tappet automatically adjusts the clearances between the shaft and the valve, which can reduce fuel consumption and improve vehicle dynamics.

You can purchase the following models from us: 
  1. 3 (E36)
  2. 3 Saloon (E36)
  3. 3 Coupe (E36)
  4. 5 (E34)
  5. 5 Saloon (E34)
  6. 5 Touring (E34)
  7. 3 Convertible (E36)
  8. 3 Touring (E36)
  9. 5 (E39)
  10. 5 Saloon (E39)
  11. 7 (E38)
  12. 7 Saloon (E38)
  13. 8 (E31)
  14. BOXSTER (986)
  15. 5 Touring (E39)
  16. Z3 Roadster (E36)
  17. 3 Compact (E36)
  18. Z3 Coupe (E36)
  19. 3 (E46)
  20. 3 Saloon (E46)
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The functionality of the tappet

The engine is the "heart" of any car, without its work, the movement of the car on modern roads is simply impossible. The unit contains many binding components, some of which many drivers do not even know about, and those are tappets. Pay attention to the top of it is the cylinder head. One or more camshafts rotate inside it. Just under them are tappets (their price depends on the manufacturer), which are responsible for opening the engine valves. The length of the valves can be different (hot - longer, cold - shorter). In the process of proper operation of the mechanism, the valves open in time, at the same time.

The conditions of the MOTIVE brand Tappet usage

There are several reasons for the malfunction of the tappet:

  1. Since tappets are responsible for draining oil into the engine valves, sometimes the amount of lubricant may not be enough, for this reason a knock occurs.
  2. Clogged expansion joints, which in turn leads to poor tightness of the pushers.
  3. Clogging of the tappets, which can lead to malfunctioning of the compensators and, as a result, the occurrence of knocking.

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Height [mm]24,00
Outer diameter [mm]33,00

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Reference Numbers
AJUSA 85004500
BGA HL6330
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BMW 11321748881
BMW 11321748882
BMW 11321748884
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