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Brake Hose - 23272 ORIGINAL IMPERIUM

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  • Part Number: 23272
  • Type: Brake Hose
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Brake hoses are parts of the vehicle's braking system that supply brake fluid under pressure directly to the working brake cylinders or calipers on the wheels of the vehicle.

The task of the brake hoses is to ensure the supply of brake fluid pressure to the brake cylinder or caliper at any time, regardless of whether the car is moving or standing, driving straight or turning. In addition, the part must be strong and durable, so it is responsible for the safety of the vehicle. The bridges of the car during movement make longitudinal and lateral vibrations relative to the frame, therefore, it is impossible to use metal pipes to supply fluid to the brakes installed on the wheels. The same applies to the steered wheels, which, in addition to vibrations together with the axle, constantly deviate from the central axis.

You can purchase the following models from us: 
  1. 80 (80, 82, B1)
  2. FOX Saloon (80, 82, B1)
  3. FOX (80, 82, B1)
  4. 80 (81, 85, B2)
  5. 80 Saloon (81, 85, B2)
  6. 4000 (81, 85, B2)
  7. COUPE (81, 85)
  8. 80 (89, 89Q, 8A, B3)
  9. 80 Saloon (89, 89Q, 8A, B3)
  10. 4000 (89, 89Q, 8A, B3)
  11. 100 (C1)
  12. 100 Saloon (C1)
  13. 100 (43, C2)
  14. 100 Saloon (43, C2)
  15. 5000 (43, C2)
  16. 500 (43, C2)
  17. 100 (44, 44Q, C3)
  18. 100 / 5000 (44, 44Q, C3)
  19. 500 (44, 44Q, C3)
  20. 100 Coupe (C1)
  21. See more in applications

The material of the brake hose

The ORIGINAL IMPERIUM brand Brake Hose consists of a reinforced high-pressure hose with two connecting lugs. The outer surface of the rubber hose is impregnated with special substances and connections, which can significantly increase the protective properties of the hose against aggressive factors.

Tech Data
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Reference Numbers
Tech Data
Outer thread [mm]M 10 x 1
Length [mm]335
Weight [g]85
Required quantity2
Inner thread [mm]M 10 x 1
Connecting threadM - F
Inner diameter 1 [mm]10
Inner diameter 2 [mm]10
Thread Pitch 1 [mm]1
Thread Pitch 2 [mm]1

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Reference Numbers
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