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Freewheel Gear, starter - SD0331(BOSCH) AS-PL

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  • Part Number: SD0331(BOSCH)
  • Brand: AS-PL
  • Type: Freewheel Gear, starter
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Charles Ocheret
today 06:25pm
Good quality! Super fast delivery. Thank you a lot :)

Each spare part has a predetermined purpose and fulfills its assigned task. The engine is the main mechanism of the car, and the starter is its component. The starter is the main element of the engine starting system and the bendix is ​​one of its important components. Bendix - popularly called: "overrunning clutch" - is a complex, high-precision mechanism, which is an adjacent unit of the car starter and serves to start the engine. The purpose and principle of its operation has practically not changed since then until now. Made of steel used for ball bearings. Installed in the starter for mechanical connection to the engine AS-PL brand Freewheel Gear, starter.

The functionality of the freewheel gear

After starting the engine, along the guide shaft with a tape thread, it "goes" into the inside of the starter. Engine start depends on the serviceability of the bendix. As you know, spare parts tend to break and wear out. Therefore, if the grooves of the rollers, cylindrical rollers or mechanical damage are worn out, this spare part will have to be replaced immediately. It is impossible to neglect and not pay attention to the wonderful sounds, the smell of fuel and gas, loud noises of vibration, as this should alert the driver to immediately take measures to eliminate the malfunction.

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Tech Data
Number of Teeth11
Length 1 [mm]91,00
Outer diameter 1 [mm]59,60
Inner diameter [mm]14,20
Outer diameter 2 [mm]41,00
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