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Armature, starter - SA0100 AS-PL
Armature, starter - SA0100 AS-PL

Armature, starter - SA0100 AS-PL

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  • Part Number: SA0100
  • Brand: AS-PL
  • Type: Armature, starter
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Charles Ocheret
today 06:25pm
Good quality! Super fast delivery. Thank you a lot :)

The AS-PL brand Armature, starter is used for the installation and fastening of the armature and overrunning clutch elements. The starter armature is an axle made of special alloy steel that rotates on sleeve bearings. The armature core is attached to the armature axis (pressed in), and collector plates are installed. The device of the starter armature core assumes grooves on which the armature windings fit. The ends of the armature windings are fixed to the collector plates. The starter armature winding, as a rule, is one or two turns, made of bare wire (rectangular wire). The collector plates are mounted in a circle on a dielectric base.

The functionality of the starter armature

In modern car models, electric start of the engine is used. Its design uses two main components: a stator and a rotor, which is often called an armature. When starting, the movable rotor creates a magnetic field that interacts with the magnetic field of the stator, which causes the armature to rotate. In the future, this ensures the transmission of torque to the crankshaft and the movement of vehicles in general. The design of the anchor has practically not undergone any significant changes in recent years; therefore, it remains almost the same for various car models.

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Tech Data
Number of Teeth10
Length 1 [mm]215,40
Outer diameter [mm]60,00
Rated Power [kW]0,80
Voltage [V]12
Rotation DirectionAnticlockwise rotation
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