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Gasket, cylinder head cover - JM5030 PAYEN

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  • Part Number: JM5030
  • Brand: PAYEN
  • Type: Gasket, cylinder head cover
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The PAYEN brand Gasket, cylinder head cover is necessary to ensure a tight seal between the valve cover and the cylinder head. The material of which it consists is capable of expanding in volume when oil gets on it, which increases the sealing force between the cover and the cylinder head, avoiding leaks. The cylinder head cover gasket seals the place where the cover fits to the cylinder head, protects against oil leakage, but in principle is not subjected to any serious stress. The main requirements for this gasket are durability, the ability to work in conditions of low and high temperatures, and resistance to engine oil.

You can purchase the following models from us: 
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  2. GOLF Mk III (1H1)
  3. PASSAT Variant (3A5, 35I)
  4. PASSAT Estate (3A5, 35I)
  5. SHARAN (7M8, 7M9, 7M6)
  7. GOLF III Variant (1H5)
  8. GOLF Mk III Estate (1H5)
  9. GOLF III Estate (1H5)
  10. TRANSPORTER IV Bus (70B, 70C, 7DB, 7DK, 70J, 70K, 7DC, 7DJ)
  11. TRANSPORTER / CARAVELLE IV Bus (70B, 70C, 7DB, 7DK, 70J, 70K
  12. TRANSPORTER / MULTIVAN IV Bus (70B, 70C, 7DB, 7DK, 70J, 70K,
  13. EUROVAN / CARAVELLE IV Bus (70B, 70C, 7DB, 7DK, 70J, 70K, 7D
  14. TRANSPORTER T4 Bus (70B, 70C, 7DB, 7DK, 70J, 70K, 7DC, 7DJ)
  15. TRANSPORTER / CARAVELLE Mk IV Bus (70B, 70C, 7DB, 7DK, 70J,
  16. CARAVELLE IV Bus (70B, 70C, 7DB, 7DK, 70J, 70K, 7DC, 7DJ)
  17. TRANSPORTER IV Platform/Chassis (70E, 70L, 70M, 7DE, 7DL, 7D
  18. TRANSPORTER T4 Platform/Chassis (70E, 70L, 70M, 7DE, 7DL, 7D
  19. TRANSPORTER Mk IV Platform/Chassis (70E, 70L, 70M, 7DE, 7DL,
  20. VENTO (1H2)
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The conditions of the cylinder head cover gasket usage

If during the diagnostics, traces of oil leakage are noticeable, it is necessary to replace the worn seal. A new gasket is installed on the cover, and a sealant is applied to the cylinder head for better attachment.

When replacing the cylinder head cover gasket, special attention must be paid to the tightening torque of the bolts. Excessive or inadequate fastening can cause oil leakage due to uneven seal adherence.

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