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Shock Absorber - JGM341T TRW

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  • Part Number: JGM341T
  • Brand: TRW
  • Type: Shock Absorber
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Shock absorber - a special device in the suspension of a car, the purpose of which is to reduce mechanical vibrations (damping) during movement or to completely absorb them.

The main task of the TRW brand Shock Absorber is to keep the wheel in constant contact with the road in order to avoid losing control of the vehicle. The wheel should go around the obstacle as softly and clearly as possible and return to the road just as clearly and quickly, providing the necessary grip. Springs only maintain the weight of the machine. The rest of the work is taken over by shock absorbers as a more accurate tool.

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Types of shock absorbers

There are two types - hydraulic and gas-hydraulic (called gas-filled or gas). In hydraulic shock absorbers, vibration damping of elastic suspension elements occurs due to the flow of fluid (usually oil) from one reservoir to another and back through the valve system. There is also liquid in gas-hydraulic ones, but it is preliminarily "pressed" with a small volume of gas, which, unlike liquid, is compressed.

Tech Data
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Tech Data
Quantity per axle1
Diameter [mm]51
Thread SizeM12x1,25
Length 1 [mm]489
Length 2 [mm]281
Piston Rod Diameter [mm]22
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