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Steering Angle Sensor - V24-72-0123 VEMO

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  • Part Number: V24-72-0123
  • Brand: VEMO
  • Type: Steering Angle Sensor
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The steering wheel angle sensor is a position sensor that detects the angular movement of the steering wheel over a large range. It stands on the steering column between the steering wheel and the switch, in some cases - on the steering assembly.

You can purchase the following models from us: 
  1. PANDA (169_)
  3. PUNTO (199_)
  4. PUNTO EVO (199_)
  5. GRANDE PUNTO (199_)
  6. YPSILON (843_)
  7. MERIVA A MPV (X03)
  8. PUNTO Hatchback Van (199_)
  9. PANDA Hatchback Van (169_)
  10. YPSILON (312_)
  11. MERIVA B MPV (S10)
  12. PUNTO EVO Hatchback Van (199_)
  13. See more in applications

The functionality of a steering angle sensor

Based on the functional needs of a particular vehicle, such a sensor can capture a number of parameters:

  1. Relative rotation angle
  2. Turn direction
  3. Angular speed mode

This data helps to know the direction in which the vehicle is moving. The received information enters the control unit, which transmits it further to different systems. Thanks to this, the system of adaptive lighting, cruise control, the system of course stability, the active suspension of the electromechanical power steering and many others function correctly.

Based on the physical principles of measurement, there are several types of VEMO brand Steering Angle Sensor:

  1. Potentiometric. Includes two instruments placed perpendicular. Due to the presence of moving contacts, it quickly fails
  2. Optical contactless. It consists of an encoder disk, LEDs, special photosensitive components and a unit for counting full revolutions of rotation.
  3. Magnetoresistive. Universal device, including two devices interacting with a pair of moving magnets

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Tech Data
Length [mm]295
Number of Poles7
Follow installation instructions
Weight [kg]0,09
Packaging width [cm]5,7
Packaging width [cm]8,1
Packaging height [cm]12,85
Packaging height [cm]4,2

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Reference Numbers
ERA 450004
FIAT 15299969
FIAT 26096025
FIAT V24720123
LANCIA 15299969
LANCIA 26096025
LANCIA V24720123
MEAT & DORIA 93054
SIDAT 86.004