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SPRING CAP FOR OPEL KADETT/Hatchback/Convertible/Combo/Van MONZA DAEWOO 1.2L TEDGUM 00504084
SPRING CAP FOR OPEL KADETT/Hatchback/Convertible/Combo/Van MONZA DAEWOO 1.2L TEDGUM 00504084

SPRING CAP FOR OPEL KADETT/Hatchback/Convertible/Combo/Van MONZA DAEWOO 1.2L TEDGUM 00504084

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  • Part Number: 00504084
  • Brand: TEDGUM
  • Type: Spring Cap
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Charles Ocheret
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Good quality! Super fast delivery. Thank you a lot :)

To control the flows of the working fluid, a special part is used, which is called the spring cap. With its help, the streams of the working fluid enter and exit directly from the cylinder. The spring cap is a round product with a small diameter rod. The transition between the cap and the rod provides for a large radius. This is necessary to increase aerodynamics and strength.

You can purchase the following models from us: 
  1. KADETT D (31_-34_, 41_-44_)
  2. KADETT D Estate (35_, 36_, 45_, 46_)
  3. KADETT E Hatchback (T85)
  4. KADETT E (T85)
  5. MONZA E (T85)
  6. KADETT E Estate (T85)
  7. KADETT E Convertible (T85)
  8. NEXIA
  9. CIELO
  10. NEXIA Saloon
  11. CIELO Saloon
  12. ORLANDO (J309)
  13. KADETT E Combo (T85)
  14. CRUZE (J300)
  15. LANOS (KLAT)
  17. LANOS Saloon (KLAT)
  18. LANOS / SENS Saloon (KLAT)
  19. KADETT E Estate Van (T85)
  20. KADETT D (32_,37_,39, _42)
  21. See more in applications

The operation of the spring cap

When the valve rotates around its own axis, holding the gas during landing, the poppet allows gases to pass through. There is a gap between the rod and the bushing. It allows you to prevent jamming when overheating. This clearance helps the poppet to fit into the seat. Due to the presence of a chamfer installed at an angle, self-alignment of the product is supported. In addition, the locking force is increased.

The material of the spring cap

Today, the TEDGUM brand Spring Cap are made of silchromic steel. It is a highly durable material with a high level of fire resistance. It is used for diesel engines as well as for claim motors. New generation parts are used from a different type of steel. It will not work for diesel engines. After all, sulfur, which is part of diesel fuel, systematically destroys steel, which contains nickel.

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