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WHEEL BEARING KIT FOR MERCEDES-BENZ 190 124/T-Model/Break E-CLASS/Convertible SNR R151.14

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  • Part Number: R151.14
  • Brand: SNR
  • Type: Wheel Bearing Kit
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Charles Ocheret
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Hub bearing (wheel bearing) - undercarriage assembly (wheel suspension) of wheeled vehicles; rolling bearing of one design or another, providing connection, centering and free rotation of the wheel hub on the axle.

A wheel bearing set usually consists of at least the two rings (outer and inner ring), the roller or spherical rolling elements and the cage that surrounds it. The task of the rolling elements is to transfer the forces acting on one bearing while driving to the other bearing in the sense of a targeted stabilizing compensation. Depending on the car brand and vehicle model, other components are added to the wheel bearing set, which you can see from the images or descriptions of the products of the individual manufacturers.

You can purchase the following models from us: 
  1. 190 (W201)
  2. 190 Saloon (W201)
  3. 124 Saloon (W124)
  4. E-CLASS (W124)
  5. E-CLASS Saloon (W124)
  6. 124 T-Model (S124)
  7. 124 Break (S124)
  8. E-CLASS T-Model (S124)
  9. E-CLASS Break (S124)
  10. SL (R107)
  11. 124 Coupe (C124)
  12. E-CLASS Convertible (A124)
  13. E-CLASS Coupe (C124)
  14. See more in applications

The case of wheel bearing replacement

SNR brand Wheel Bearing Kit are subject to high loads and are subject to rapid wear and tear. In cases where the hum of the bearings appears, the vehicle's handling deteriorates, an unrecoverable wheel play occurs and the hub units overheat, the bearings should be checked.

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Outer diameter 1 [mm]59
Inner diameter 1 [mm]31
Width 1 [mm]15

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Reference Numbers
ALFA ROMEO 60523334
ALFA ROMEO 60523333
ALFA ROMEO 0060523334
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Automotive Bearings BRT1045
FAG 713800310
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FORD 6077541
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HYUNDAI 52730-36200
HYUNDAI 52720-36200
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MERCEDES-BENZ 0009815805
MERCEDES-BENZ 000 981 59 05
MGA KR3078
MOOG ME-WB-11261
NISSAN 40215-Y9500
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NISSAN 40210-Y9501
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