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Water Pump & Timing Belt Set - KDP458.310 SNR

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  • Part Number: KDP458.310
  • Brand: SNR
  • Type: Water Pump & Timing Belt Set
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Inside the engine of any car, fuel is constantly burning, heating various parts and assemblies. It is necessary to cool it all the time, for which air or liquid cooling is used.

The car pump is an effective device for cooling the power plant. Its main function is to circulate the coolant throughout the entire system. It must also deliver the heat carrier to the heating radiator, which ensures heating of the entire passenger compartment.

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  4. GTV (916_)
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  6. DEDRA (835_)
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  8. COUPE (175_)
  9. 156 (932_)
  10. 156 Sportwagon (932_)
  11. 147 (937_)
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The structure of this unit does not differ from the classic pumping modules that are used in everyday life and industry. Automobiles are more compact, as they are in cramped conditions under the hood. They are located most often in the front of the cylinder block and are driven by a toothed timing belt

The standard timing kit includes the following elements:

  1. timing belt tensioner pulley (it is always in the sets, regardless of the car brand);
  2. bypass roller (this auto part is present only in some timing models);
  3. the belt itself;
  4. gaskets and seals required for replacement during drive repair;
  5. water pump or pump (optional).
  6. The SNR brand Water Pump & Timing Belt Set is included in the repair kit if a pulley is driven by a belt.

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Tech Data
Number of Teeth 1168
Number of belts1
Number of track rollers2
Width 1 [mm]24

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