VRIBBED BELT SET FOR OPEL CORSA/Hatchback/Van MERIVA/MPV ASTRA/G/GTC/TwinTop SKF VKMA 35113 Elart - Auto Parts & Accessories
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  • Part Number: VKMA 35113
  • Brand: SKF
  • Type: V-Ribbed Belt Set
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Charles Ocheret
today 06:25pm
Good quality! Super fast delivery. Thank you a lot :)

V-ribbed belts are actively used in modern technology. They transfer rotation from the driving unit, which is usually the crankshaft pulley, to the slave, which is the generator pulley, the power steering pump, and so on.

In a car, a V-ribbed belt is rightfully considered one of the main ones, since it is it that ensures the operation of the generator. The belt should be replaced periodically; for this, certain regulations have been established in the practice of servicing the car.

You can purchase the following models from us: 
  1. CORSA D (S07)
  2. MERIVA A MPV (X03)
  3. ASTRA H Estate (A04)
  4. CORSA Mk II (C) (X01)
  5. CORSA B (S93)
  6. VITA B (S93)
  7. CORSA Mk I (B) (S93)
  8. ASTRA G Hatchback (T98)
  9. ASTRA G Estate (T98)
  10. CORSA D Hatchback Van (S07)
  11. ASTRA H GTC (A04)
  12. ASTRA H (A04)
  13. ASTRA G Saloon (T98)
  14. CORSAVAN Mk III (D) Hatchback Van (S07)
  15. AGILA (A) (H00)
  16. AGILA Mk I (A) (H00)
  17. CORSA C (X01)
  18. VITA C (X01)
  19. CORSAVAN Mk II (C) Hatchback Van (X01)
  20. CORSA C Hatchback Van (X01)
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The principles of the V-ribbed belt set usage

The sale of SKF brand V-Ribbed Belt Set is necessary for any motorist, since these rubber products have the ability to wear out. If the belt breaks, this can lead to big problems: the generator stops working, you will not be able to use the power steering, if you have an air conditioner and you will not be able to use it.

A set of V-ribbed belts consists not only of a belt, but also of a tension roller, since it must also be changed when the belt is changed.

Tech Data
Interchange Parts
Reference Numbers
Tech Data
Number of ribs5
for belt length [mm]1230

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Reference Numbers
CHEVROLET 25195388
CHEVROLET 55565236
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