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PISTON RING KIT FOR MERCEDES-BENZ M102.942/943/945/979/980/981/987/982 2.3L 4cyl KOLBENSCHMIDT 800018910050

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  • Part Number: 800018910050
  • Type: Piston Ring Kit
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Charles Ocheret
today 06:25pm
Good quality! Super fast delivery. Thank you a lot :)

Piston rings are required to create a tight but flexible alignment of the piston with the cylinder. Heat is removed from the piston to the cylinder, gases from the above-piston cavity are prevented from entering the engine crankcase, as well as the flow of lubricants into the combustion chamber.

You can purchase the following models from us: 
  1. 190 (W201)
  2. 190 Saloon (W201)
  3. 123 Saloon (W123)
  4. 123 T-Model (S123)
  5. 123 Break (S123)
  6. 124 Saloon (W124)
  7. 124 T-Model (S124)
  8. 124 Break (S124)
  9. 123 Coupe (C123)
  10. 124 Coupe (C124)
  11. G-CLASS (W460)
  12. T1 Van (601, 611)
  13. T1 Bus (601)
  14. G-CLASS (W461)
  15. G-CLASS (W463)
  16. G-CLASS SUV (W463)
  17. G-CLASS Cabrio (W463)
  18. T1 Platform/Chassis (601)
  19. T1 Platform/Chassis (602)
  20. G-MODELL (W463)
  21. See more in applications

Since these parts are used in harsh conditions, they are made from high-strength alloy cast iron. The upper compression rings are additionally coated with porous chrome or molybdenum anti-wear insert from the outside. This is necessary due to the maximum thermal stress, which manifests itself as a result of the influence of working gases and friction against the cylinder walls with insufficient lubrication in the upper half of the piston.

The KOLBENSCHMIDT brand Piston Ring Kit usage

The mechanism can have two or three compression rings, which are located in the upper piston grooves. Thanks to a special cut or a lock with a slight backlash, they can spring and expand when exposed to high temperatures.

Depending on the design features of the engine, one, rarely two oil scraper rings are installed in order to regulate the amount of lubricant on the cylinder walls. But they do not completely remove the oil, as this can lead to oil starvation and piston sticking in the cylinder.

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Reference Numbers
GOETZE 08-179707-10
GOETZE ENGINE 08-179707-10
MAHLE 002 77 N1
MERCEDES-BENZ 001 030 44 24
MERCEDES-BENZ 002 030 55 24
MERCEDES-BENZ 002 030 67 24
MERCEDES-BENZ 004 586 65 03
MERCEDES-BENZ 102 037 20 17
MERCEDES-BENZ 102 037 22 17
MERCEDES-BENZ A 001 030 44 24
MERCEDES-BENZ A 002 030 55 24
MERCEDES-BENZ A 002 030 67 24
MERCEDES-BENZ A 004 586 65 03
MERCEDES-BENZ A 102 037 20 17
MERCEDES-BENZ A 102 037 22 17
TRW 09-26131-50