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STEERING GEAR FOR MAN TGL/TGM D0834LFL60/0834LFL63/0834LFL53/0834LFL66 4.6L TGL BOSCH K S01 002 083

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  • Part Number: K S01 002 083
  • Brand: BOSCH
  • Type: Steering Gear
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The steering gear is an actuator for the steering system. Applies to most front wheel drive vehicles. The purpose of the unit is to convert the steering wheel rotation into a proportional movement of the steering rods.

You can purchase the following models from us: 
  1. TGL
  2. TGM
  3. See more in applications

Structurally, the BOSCH brand Steering Gear is made in the form of a compact unit in a housing protected from outside contamination and moisture. For a more comfortable driving experience, a variable ratio design is used. The pitch of the teeth increases from the middle of the gear to its edges. At low steering angles when driving at high speed, the steering is sharp and requires a lot of effort. At low speed, typical for maneuvering, for example, in a parking lot in the city, when a large steering angle is required, the maneuver does not require significant force on the steering wheel.

The use of an electric drive in the steering gear provides the car with a number of advantages:

  • efficiency, since the electric drive is switched on only when performing a maneuver, while in the power steering oil circulates continuously, which spends part of the engine power and the resource of the unit itself;
  • oil heating is not required in winter before driving;
  • the electric drive is less laborious to maintain;
  • overall higher reliability due to the absence of parts such as hoses, gaskets, oil seals.

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Operating Pressure [bar]160
Number of mounting bores5

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