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Brake Drum - ADN14723 BLUE PRINT

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  • Part Number: ADN14723
  • Brand: BLUE PRINT
  • Type: Brake Drum
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The BLUE PRINT brand Brake Drum is a key element of the drum brake system, which is influenced by drum-type brake pads during braking. The friction of the brake pads on the brake drum will cause the vehicle to stop.

As a rule, brake drums are made from special grades of cast iron. The principle of operation of the drum brake system differs from the disc type - if in the disc assembly the pads compress the disc to stop the car, then in the drum, the pads, on the contrary, are unclenched, pressing on the inner walls of the drum.

You can purchase the following models from us: 
  1. CABSTAR E (TL_, VL_)
  2. See more in applications

The functionality of the brake drums

The efficiency of drum brakes is much lower than disc brakes, at the same time, drum-type braking systems are still used on the rear axles of cars. The reason for this may be a greater reliability of the assembly than a similar disk-type assembly, since the pads are protected from the external environment, such as water or dirt. So, as a result of water entering the disc brake system, with insufficient driving experience, loss of control is possible due to the short-term ineffectiveness of disc brakes without additional "drying" (short braking) before the main braking. The drum braking system does not require such handling, and with less efficiency it leaves more chances for braking in the absence of additional skills.

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Tech Data
Number of mounting bores5
Number of mounting bores2
Width [mm]65,5
Thickness [mm]87,6
Inner diameter [mm]253,0
Outer diameter [mm]285,0
Bolt Hole Circle Ø [mm]160
Max.skimmed drum measure [mm]254,5
Weight [kg]8,2
Centering Diameter [mm]110

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ASHIKA 56-01-124C
JAPKO 56124C
MDR MBD-2124
NISSAN 062050581
NISSAN 43206-F3600
NISSAN 6205058
NISSAN 62050581
NPS N340N20
ORVIP 96042