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Ignition Cable Kit - 0806 NGK

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  • Part Number: 0806
  • Brand: NGK
  • Type: Ignition Cable Kit
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Charles Ocheret
today 06:25pm
Good quality! Super fast delivery. Thank you a lot :)

The purpose of the ignition cables is clear from the name - the transfer of high voltage current from the ignition coil to the spark plugs. Therefore, most drivers habitually call high-voltage ignition wires simply ignition cables.

High-quality high-voltage wires must ensure the transmission of high voltage to the spark plugs without loss, as well as the protection of other units of the engine compartment from high voltage.

You can purchase the following models from us: 
  1. CORSA A TR (S83)
  2. CORSA A Hatchback (S83)
  3. KADETT E Hatchback (T85)
  4. KADETT E (T85)
  5. MONZA E (T85)
  6. KADETT E Estate (T85)
  7. ASTRA F Hatchback (T92)
  8. ASTRA F (T92)
  9. OPTIMA F (T92)
  10. ASTRA F Estate (T92)
  11. KADETT E Convertible (T85)
  12. ASTRA F Convertible (T92)
  13. ASTRA Mk II Hatchback (T85)
  14. ASTRA Mk II Estate (T85)
  15. ASTRA Mk III (F) Hatchback (T92)
  16. ASTRA Mk III (F) Estate (T92)
  17. ASTRA Mk II Belmont (T85)
  18. CORSA A Hatchback Van (S83)
  19. ASTRA Mk III (F) Saloon (T92)
  20. ASTRA Mk III (F) Convertible (T92)
  21. See more in applications

The ignition cable construction

TThe device of NGK brand Ignition Cable Kit is not particularly difficult – it is an insulated cable with two lugs in protective caps. For the reliable transmission of electricity to the spark plugs, it is necessary that the insulation of the wire and lugs is reliably protected from moisture, and the contacts are tight and free of corrosion. Damaged insulation causes a "breakdown", which in turn leads to difficulties in starting the engine, uneven operation. In addition, faulty wires can cause costly repairs. It is also possible that in the event of fuel leakage and breakdown of ignition cables, a fire will even occur.

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Connector typeM4
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