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Gasket Set, oil cooler - 77029100 AJUSA
Gasket Set, oil cooler - 77029100 AJUSA
Gasket Set, oil cooler - 77029100 AJUSA
Gasket Set, oil cooler - 77029100 AJUSA
Gasket Set, oil cooler - 77029100 AJUSA

Gasket Set, oil cooler - 77029100 AJUSA

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  • Part Number: 77029100
  • Brand: AJUSA
  • Type: Gasket Set, oil cooler
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Charles Ocheret
today 06:25pm
Good quality! Super fast delivery. Thank you a lot :)

Escaping oil directly on the front pipe burns. This provokes the appearance of a characteristic odor directly in the passenger compartment. If this problem is ignored for a long time, oil will seep into the cooling system. There it will mix with antifreeze and simply turn into an emulsion. This is fraught with a long list of problems. The cooling system will become severely clogged and fail. The pump will break and the thermostat will fail. The expansion tank will inevitably get dirty. But there may be another situation, for example, if antifreeze penetrates into the lubrication system. This will lead to significant problems. The engine can simply fail.

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The usage of the oil cooler gasket set

Replacing the gaskets in the heat exchanger is a laborious procedure. It requires knowledge and experience. Therefore, it is advisable to rely on professionals here. Timely purchase of a new AJUSA brand Gasket Set, oil cooler and subsequent replacement will save the driver from expensive repairs. This is important to consider in order to avoid many problems.

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