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Centre Rod Assembly - 10027 AUGER

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  • Part Number: 10027
  • Brand: AUGER
  • Type: Centre Rod Assembly
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The steering rods are the part of the steering that transmits the force required to turn the wheels of the vehicle. In addition, the different lengths of the steering rods ensure the rotation of the inner and outer wheels at different angles, which is necessary for the geometrically correct passage of the wheels of the turn (the inner wheel goes along a smaller radius than the outer one).

The functionality of the center rod assembly

The AUGER brand Centre Rod Assembly is part of the control of the vehicle. Actually, it transfers the force directed by the driver to the front wheels and makes them move in the right direction. The center rod assembly is responsible for the action of the front wheels. There are also additional connecting parts - hinges that are located between the steering rod and other mechanisms with which it is connected. Their location is the ends of the rods, and the task is the stable movement in the horizontal and vertical sides of all parts of the drive, which have properties to move. In simpler terms, they help drivers to keep the car turning, preventing wheel oscillation.

Tech Data
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Tech Data
Length [mm]1630
Weight [kg]7,83

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