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Oil Pump - 4.64386 DT SPARE PARTS

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  • Part Number: 4.64386
  • Type: Oil Pump
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The oil pump is an important part of the internal combustion engine lubrication system. Thanks to it, the engine oil is supplied to all parts of the motor, and the engine can work without problems or interruptions. Simplified, it exerts pressure on the lubricant in the system, due to which all moving parts of the internal combustion engine are provided with lubricants in full. In a dry sump, in addition to moving the lubricant, the DT SPARE PARTS brand Oil Pump helps to pump oil from the engine crankcase to the oil tank. In this case, the crankshaft or the camshaft drives the pump via the drive shaft.

Oil pumps are:

  1. Unregulated;
  2. Adjustable.

The main task of the first type is to maintain constant pressure. These pumps have a pressure-reducing valve that, if necessary, leads the oil into the crankcase. The second type is characterized by the ability to regulate the pressure level and allows you to save up to 30% of the taken engine power.

Problems in the circulation of the lubricant can be caused by several reasons, for example, a clogged oil receiver or wear on machine components. In any case, they must be eliminated as soon as possible, since all elements of the lubrication system are interconnected and may fail.

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