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Charger, charging system - LTRPA53039880037 LUCAS

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  • Part Number: LTRPA53039880037
  • Brand: LUCAS
  • Type: Charger, charging system
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A LUCAS brand Charger, charging system is a device that can be used in a car to increase the power of an engine by supplying compressed air to its cylinders. The turbocharger uses the exhaust gases that leave the unit and are forced through the turbine mechanism at high pressure. Thermochemical processes convert potential energy into kinetic energy.

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The functionality of the charger

A turbine for cars is called a complex mechanism. Its task is to increase power not by means of engine revs, but by using exhaust gases. Unlike a mechanical heater, this device increases the power of the internal combustion engine. The rotational speed of the turbocharger shaft reaches 250,000 rpm. An automobile turbine is installed on the exhaust tract to create a barrier to free air circulation. The extra load makes the motor run faster.

Automotive turbines work actively while driving, which leads to wear during long-term operation.

Mechanism advantages:

  • compactness - the turbocharger is relatively small;
  • high power-to-weight ratio;
  • better adaptation, despite the quality of the road surface;
  • efficient and economical;
  • Ensures stable operation of the motor.
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