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Hydraulic Pump, steering system - PP117 KAMOKA
Hydraulic Pump, steering system - PP117 KAMOKA
Hydraulic Pump, steering system - PP117 KAMOKA
Hydraulic Pump, steering system - PP117 KAMOKA

Hydraulic Pump, steering system - PP117 KAMOKA

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  • Part Number: PP117
  • Brand: KAMOKA
  • Type: Hydraulic Pump, steering system
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There are many parts in the car, and each of them performs some specific function. In the event of a breakdown of one, others may also fail. This means that it is very important to monitor how the car behaves on the road.

One of the important elements that must be installed in the car is the power steering pump. It plays a very important role in the steering function. Thanks to him, the lubricating fluid is distributed evenly in the power steering system itself, for stable operation. Depending on the control, the pump can change the pressure. When traveling on a straight section, the fluid can have a uniform distribution, but when cornering, the pressure will change, depending on which direction you have to turn in order to distribute the load properly.

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The usage of the KAMOKA brand Hydraulic Pump, steering system

Like all other parts of the car, the power steering pump can fail, although at the same time it can last more than one year. When worn, the first to fail are the rotor, plates and bearing. Breakage can occur due to metal scuffing, or due to the use of poor-quality liquid. One way or another, it is very important to keep track of this part, because replacement can be quite expensive.

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Tech Data
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Tech Data
Number of inlets/outlets2
Number of ribs7
Manufacturer RestrictionVISTEON
Observe technical data
Backflow Connector Thread SizeM16x1,5
Operating ModeHydraulic
Belt Pulley Ø [mm]125
Suction pipe connector diameter [mm]19
Mounting points diameter [mm]8

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FORD 6C11-3A696-AC
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