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Stabiliser Mounting - 517166 GSP

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  • Part Number: 517166
  • Brand: GSP
  • Type: Stabiliser Mounting
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Charles Ocheret
today 06:25pm
Good quality! Super fast delivery. Thank you a lot :)

The suspension of the car is equipped with many elastic elements, which makes it possible to drive on uneven roads - the driver and passengers do not feel the shock so much, and the suspension elements fail only under extreme loads. The stabilizer is essentially a system of beams and levers that maintains the stability of the vehicle under multidirectional external forces.

Stabilizer mountings are necessary to dampen vibrations, reduce noise levels and securely fix the elements to the body. Without the mountings, the ride from the stabilizers would not be smooth.

You can purchase the following models from us: 
  1. A3 (8L1)
  2. A3 / S3 (8L1)
  3. OCTAVIA I (1U2)
  4. OCTAVIA I Combi (1U5)
  5. TT (8N3)
  6. GOLF IV (1J1)
  7. GOLF IV (1J1, 9B1)
  8. GOLF Mk IV (1J1)
  9. TT Roadster (8N9)
  10. BORA (1J2)
  11. BORA Saloon (1J2)
  12. BORA (1J2, 9M2)
  13. JETTA IV (1J2, 9M2)
  14. JETTA IV (1J2)
  15. BORA Variant (1J6)
  16. JETTA IV Variant (1J6)
  17. BORA Estate (1J6)
  18. GOLF IV Variant (1J5)
  19. JETTA IV Variant (1J5)
  20. GOLF Mk IV Estate (1J5)
  21. See more in applications

The material of the stabilizer mounting

The following materials are used for the manufacture of GSP brand Stabiliser Mounting:

  1. Iron. Iron mountings are also called spherical. By design, they are very similar to ball bearings;
  2. Rubber. Extra strong and wear-resistant rubber is used. The material is quite elastic;
  3. Polyurethane. The material is tougher than rubber, but lasts much longer. As practice shows, polyurethane stabilizer mountings are in no way inferior to rubber ones, but they have to be changed less often. Many motorists today choose polyurethane analogs to replace standard rubber mountings.

In the design of the mountings, you can also see plastic, fiberglass and lavsan. Additional reinforcing elements are made from these materials.

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Reference Numbers
AUDI 1J0411314S
AUDI 8N0411314B
AUDI 1J0411314R
AUDI 1J0411314N
AUDI 1J0411314M
AUDI 1J0411314AC
AUDI 1J0411314
AUDI 1J0411305
AUDI 8N0411305A
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SEAT 1J0411314N
SEAT 1J0411314M
SEAT 1J0411314AC
SEAT 1J0411314
SIDEM 837807
SKODA 8N0411314B
SKODA 1J0411314R
SKODA 1J0411314N
SKODA 1J0411314M
SKODA 1J0411314
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SKODA 1J0411314S
SKODA 1J0411305L
SKODA 1J0411305G
SKODA 1J0411305AA
VW 1J0411314S
VW 8N0411314B
VW 1J0411314R
VW 1J0411314N
VW 1J0411314M
VW 1J0411314AC
VW 1J0411314
VW 1J0411305
VW 8N0411305A
VW 1J0411305L
VW 1J0411305G
VW 1J0411305AA