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Guide Sleeve Kit, brake caliper - 55004 A.B.S.

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  • Part Number: 55004
  • Brand: A.B.S.
  • Type: Guide Sleeve Kit, brake caliper
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Incorrect operation of the guides leads to:

  1. The surface of the brake disc is worn out (quickly getting thinner)
  2. Uneven accelerated pad wear
  3. The appearance of squeaks and other sounds (vibration appears)
  4. Hum and knock when moving irregularities (the seat of the guides becomes larger in diameter)
  5. All this is due to the stuck and jammed caliper guides. Their wear and tear and general condition greatly weakens braking, making it unpredictable, intermittent and dangerous.

The work of the guides takes place in extremely unfavorable conditions for the metal. Large amounts of dust, dirt, sand, water and corrosive substances get there under low pressure. The car travels, creating certain turbulences of air currents by the wheels. If the protection elements are in poor condition or they are missing, then this unit fails very quickly.

You can purchase the following models from us: 
  1. SUPER 5 (B/C40_)
  2. 9 (L42_)
  3. 9 Saloon (L42_)
  4. ALLIANCE (L42_)
  5. 11 (B/C37_)
  6. ENCORE (B/C37_)
  7. 19 I (B/C53_)
  8. 19 � (B/C53_)
  9. 19 I Chamade (L53_)
  10. 19 � Chamade (L53_)
  11. 21 Saloon (L48_)
  12. RAPID Box Body/MPV (F40_, G40_)
  13. EXPRESS Box Body/MPV (F40_, G40_)
  14. EXTRA Van (F40_, G40_)
  15. EXTRA Box Body/MPV (F40_, G40_)
  16. CLIO I (B/C57_, 5/357_)
  17. LUTECIA I (B/C57_, 5/357_)
  18. 19 II Chamade (L53_)
  19. 19 Mk II Chamade (L53_)
  20. LOGAN (LS_)
  21. See more in applications

The usage of the A.B.S. brand Guide Sleeve Kit, brake caliper

Often the anthers fail, which leads to knocking out grease, corrosion, the appearance of backlash, acidification, accelerated production

If this has already happened, then they often buy a brake caliper repair kit. Replacing the required components results in a significant improvement in brake performance.

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