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Brake Pad Set, disc brake - 0 986 494 261 BOSCH

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  • Part Number: 0 986 494 261
  • Brand: BOSCH
  • Type: Brake Pad Set, disc brake
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Charles Ocheret
today 06:25pm
Good quality! Super fast delivery. Thank you a lot :)

The disc brake mechanism consists of a rotating disc, two fixed pads installed on both sides of the disc inside a caliper, fixed on the trunnion bracket. Compared to drum-type shoe brakes, disc brakes have better performance properties, and since the front wheels require more braking forces when braking, installing the front wheels with these disc brakes improves the vehicle's performance.

If the brake is hydraulic, there is one or more hydraulic cylinders with pistons inside the caliper. If the drive is pneumatic, then the caliper has a wedge or other clamping device. When braking, stationary pads are pressed against a rotating disc, friction force and braking torque appear. The disc brake mechanism fits well into the wheel, has a small number of elements and is light in weight.

You can purchase the following models from us: 
  1. 308 I (4A_, 4C_)
  2. 408
  3. 308 SW I (4E_, 4H_)
  4. 308 SW I Estate (4E_, 4H_)
  5. 3008 MPV (0U_)
  6. 308 CC (4B_)
  7. C4 II Saloon (NC_)
  8. C4 LOUNGE II Saloon (NC_, LC_)
  9. C4 LOUNGE II Saloon (NC_, LD_)
  10. C4 LOUNGE II Saloon (NC_)
  11. C4 II Saloon (ND_, NC_)
  12. 308 SW I Estate Van (4E_)
  13. 3008 Van (0U_)
  14. 3008 Van (MR_, MC_, MJ_)
  15. And others

The actuality of usage

The BOSCH brand Brake Pad Set, disc brake are flat and have smaller dimensions, their design is developed for the possibility of installation in the caliper. Such pads are used in the front brakes of all modern passenger cars and in many commercial vehicles, and in recent years, disc brakes are increasingly used on the rear axle of passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Tech Data
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Tech Data
Inspection TagECE-R90
WVA Number24660
Thickness [mm]16,9
Width [mm]150,8
Height [mm]61,5
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