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Bearing Bush, stabiliser - 2.62006 DT Spare Parts

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  • Part Number: 2.62006
  • Brand: DT Spare Parts
  • Type: Bearing Bush, stabiliser
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The DT Spare Parts brand Bearing Bush, stabiliser are needed in order to reduce suspension noise while driving or when attaching the stabilizer to the car body. They can be rubber or polyurethane. The products are distinguished by high elasticity, reliability and durability. With the correct selection of auto parts, when changing the height of the wheels on the vehicle, squeaks and knocks will be completely absent.

You can purchase the following models from us: 
  1. FH12
  2. FM7
  3. FH16
  4. FM12
  5. FL6
  6. FL7
  7. FL10
  8. FL12
  9. F10
  10. F12
  11. F16
  12. NH12
  13. FM10
  14. FM9
  15. B7
  16. B10
  17. FH16 II
  18. See more in applications

The work conditions of the stabilizer bushings

Problems with the functioning of the stabilizer bushings are usually indicated by all kinds of knocks and noises that appear when driving (especially on tight turns). Their appearance indicates the loss of the elasticity of the part (because of this, the sleeve becomes too rigid), or that dust or sand has got under this part. Also, the product may become unusable due to the appearance of cracks and scratches on it due to the fact that its service life will end.

In addition to extraneous noise, problems with this part are indicated by a temporary loss of control of the car, the appearance of a backlash in the connecting nodes of the stabilizer and the occurrence of lateral body roll. Regular inspection of the products will help to identify and correct the malfunction in a timely manner. In most cases, the bushings cannot be repaired: they can only be dismantled and replaced with new ones.

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Tech Data
Weight [g]709
Inner diameter [mm]34
Outer diameter [mm]65,5
Height [mm]64

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Please note - exchange or refund is only due to a new product that has not been in use and has no signs of use: scratches, chips, rubs, etc.

And also should be saved:

  • Complete set of goods;
  • Integrity and all components of packaging;
  • Factory marking.
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