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Flywheel - 4.61105 DT Spare Parts

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  • Part Number: 4.61105
  • Brand: DT Spare Parts
  • Type: Flywheel
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The flywheel or clutch drive plate is designed to rotate the crankshaft evenly and transfer torque to the gearbox. Thanks to this device, the engine starts from the starter.

A flywheel is a large steel disc with several holes in the center for attaching to the crankshaft and one for a bearing or bushing. This bearing is connected to the input shaft of the mechanical box. For alignment with the starter bendix, a crown is used, which is a toothed ring located around the perimeter of the flywheel. This part is located at the end of the crankshaft, on the other side it is bolted to the clutch basket.

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The construction of the flywheel

The DT Spare Parts brand Flywheel of a solid design has found the most widespread use on cars. It is a massive cast-iron disc with a diameter of 30 to 40 centimeters. A steel toothed ring is pressed onto the outer surface of the disc, which provides cranking of the crankshaft when the engine is started with a starter. On one side of the flywheel, a hub is made for attaching to the crankshaft flange, the other side acts as a driving clutch disc.

Tech Data
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Reference Numbers
Tech Data
Weight [g]21335
Outer diameter [mm]380
Outer diameter 1 [mm]335
Number of Teeth125

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