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Clutch Disc - 76528 AUGER

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  • Part Number: 76528
  • Brand: AUGER
  • Type: Clutch Disc
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The AUGER brand Clutch Disc (driven disc) is the transmission clutch component located between the engine flywheel and the clutch pressure plate. It is a round metal plate that rotates and, due to the friction linings on both sides, engages the rest of the mechanism. The operation of the transmission at a certain position of the clutch pedal also depends on the disc.

If the car is operated in harsh road conditions or there are other features of intensive use of the car, then checking the clutch system (CS) is one of the important activities that should be carried out at regular frequency. In the event that the disk or the CS basket breaks down, you need to take care of changing them in advance.

You can purchase the following models from us: 
  1. F2000
  2. F90
  3. E2000
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The usage of the clutch disc

If the clutch of the car is in good order and consists of branded parts, then it will serve the driver for a long time. You can think about replacing it only in cases where the mileage has exceeded 100 km or there are clear signs of a breakdown of this unit. And here, according to restless statistics, the clutch disc most often fails. In order not to "start" the situation, the main advice of any master is to carry out preventive inspections of the car on time. However, if the malfunction is already clearly making itself felt, then you should pay attention to some tips that will allow you to correctly buy the necessary part.

Tech Data
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Tech Data
Number of Teeth10
Diameter [mm]400
Weight [kg]9,471
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