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Brake Lining Kit, drum brake - KBL15580.2-1549 BERAL

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  • Part Number: KBL15580.2-1549
  • Brand: BERAL
  • Type: Brake Lining Kit, drum brake
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The brake lining is a component of the brake shoes of modern cars. It is responsible for creating the braking torque. The main work of the device is the force of friction. When braking, such a product actively interacts with a metal drum. Due to the force of friction, both a decrease in speed and a stop of the machine occur. A pad tightly attached to the metal part of the shoe provokes braking. The kinetic energy of the car's motion is converted into heat. Both the brake disc and the pad dissipate it in the environment.

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The operation of the drum brake lining kit

Currently, BERAL brand Brake Lining Kit, drum brake are installed in conical, disc, drum brakes of passenger cars, industrial and agricultural machinery, and trucks. Quality products provide effective braking even under difficult conditions and high frequency. Brake pads are designed for disc and drum brakes. Such products are made from asbestos and polymer mixtures. The solution includes many components. The basis can be both polymer and asbestos. Asbestos come out softer. Their coefficient of friction is quite high. The brake mechanism wears out faster. Non-asbestos are less harmful to the environment. They are noisy and tougher. The basis of such overlays is mineral fibers or polymers.

Tech Data
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Tech Data
Thickness [mm]12,0
Width [mm]98
Weight [kg]2,30
Radius [mm]140
Drum Diameter304
Rivet Type6x10
Rivet quantity per lining kit52
Hole Arrangement / Number12/14
Outer Length [mm]265
Outer Length [mm]311
Inner Length [mm]244
Inner Length [mm]286

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Reference Numbers
BERAL 1558012006015493
BERAL KBL15580.2-1549
BFMC MB/94/1
BFMC MB/95/1
FERODO K15580.2-F3658
JURID 1558035460
MERCEDES-BENZ 3104214410
MERCEDES-BENZ 3104214510
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TEXTAR 1558004
TEXTAR 15580120005T10