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Idle Control Valve, air supply - 408-202-013-002Z Continental/VDO

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  • Part Number: 408-202-013-002Z
  • Brand: Continental/VDO
  • Type: Idle Control Valve, air supply
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The stable functioning of the power unit of a car depends not only on compression and on the degree of wear, and on the state of the control devices. In particular, the idle speed sensor is important, on which the stable parameters of the engine in the parking mode depend. A small device adjusts the airflow according to the engine temperature. Thanks to this circumstance, even on a "cold" engine, you can gradually start moving almost immediately after starting without fear that it will stall. An important feature of the device's operation is considered a stabilizing factor at times of increasing power consumption. Examples include turning on a stove, an air conditioner, and other serious energy consumers.

You can purchase the following models from us: 
  1. COUPE (89, 8B)
  2. 100 (4A2, C4)
  3. 100 Saloon (4A2, C4)
  4. 500 (4A2, C4)
  5. 80 (8C2, B4)
  6. 80 Saloon (8C2, B4)
  7. 90 (8C2, B4)
  8. 80 Avant (8C5, B4)
  9. 100 Avant (4A5, C4)
  10. CABRIOLET (8G7, B4)
  11. PASSAT (3A2, 35I)
  12. CORRADO (53I)
  13. TRANSPORTER IV Bus (70B, 70C, 7DB, 7DK, 70J, 70K, 7DC, 7DJ)
  14. TRANSPORTER / CARAVELLE IV Bus (70B, 70C, 7DB, 7DK, 70J, 70K
  15. TRANSPORTER / MULTIVAN IV Bus (70B, 70C, 7DB, 7DK, 70J, 70K,
  16. EUROVAN / CARAVELLE IV Bus (70B, 70C, 7DB, 7DK, 70J, 70K, 7D
  17. TRANSPORTER T4 Bus (70B, 70C, 7DB, 7DK, 70J, 70K, 7DC, 7DJ)
  18. TRANSPORTER / CARAVELLE Mk IV Bus (70B, 70C, 7DB, 7DK, 70J,
  19. CARAVELLE IV Bus (70B, 70C, 7DB, 7DK, 70J, 70K, 7DC, 7DJ)
  20. PASSAT Variant (3A5, 35I)
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The usage of the Continental/VDO brand Idle Control Valve, air supply

If, for no apparent reason, there is a drop, an increase in revolutions, it is necessary to come to grips with checking the condition of the device.

A stalling engine at such crucial moments as starting from a standstill or shifting to the next gear is considered one of the signs of breakdown.

Starting the engine after a long period of inactivity does not lead to an increase in rpm. Moreover, turning on the head lighting, the stove leads to a noticeable drop in speed, up to vibration caused by unstable operation.

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Reference Numbers
AUDI 048 133 455
Continental/VDO 408-202-013-002
Continental/VDO A2C52187172
HELLA 6NW 009 141-181
VW 048 133 455