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Spark Plug - Z306 BERU by DRiV
Spark Plug - Z306 BERU by DRiV
Spark Plug - Z306 BERU by DRiV

Spark Plug - Z306 BERU by DRiV

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  • Part Number: Z306
  • Brand: BERU by DRiV
  • Type: Spark Plug
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The spark plug is the most important element of the ignition system for internal combustion engines (ICE) with forced ignition of the working mixture. This device is designed to ignite the working mixture in the engine cylinder in order to obtain thermal energy, which is subsequently converted into mechanical work by means of the crank mechanism.

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The principle of the spark plugs work

BERU by DRiV brand Spark Plug are the most widely used in modern automotive internal combustion engines. Ignition of the working mixture in such devices is carried out by an electric arc discharge in the form of a spark between the electrodes of a candle, which occurs when a powerful electric pulse with a voltage of several thousand or even tens of thousands of volts is applied to the electrodes. A thin layer of air in the spark gap cannot withstand the colossal voltage between the electrodes, and a kind of mini-lightning breaks through it, setting fire to the mixture.

The impulse is applied to the electrodes of the plug at a strictly defined point in time - when it is necessary to ignite the prepared working mixture in the cylinder.

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Tech Data
Electrode Gap [mm]0,9
Connector typeSAE
Thread SizeM12x1,25
Spanner Size16 mm
Spark Plug1 - Earthed Electrode
Spark Plugwith gasket seat
Thread Length [mm]19
Technical Information Number12 F-6 HPURW
Tightening torque from [Nm]15
Tightening torque to [Nm]25

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BOSCH 0 242 135 510
NGK 7563
VW 101 905 606
VW 101 905 606 A