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Breather Screw / Valve - 0086 QUICK BRAKE

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  • Part Number: 0086
  • Brand: QUICK BRAKE
  • Type: Breather Screw/Valve, wheel brake cylinder
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Charles Ocheret
today 06:25pm
Good quality! Super fast delivery. Thank you a lot :)

As you know, the brake system in a car is built on a hydraulic principle. Simply put, the highways are filled with liquid, which is incompressible by its properties. This means that it can be used to transmit momentum from the pedal to the brake mechanisms that provide compression of the pads. If we let some air into our liquid-filled system, we will already allow some compressibility. Therefore, the paramount task is under no pretext to prevent air from entering our brake lines. Carefully servicing our car, we often forget about the little things, which, nevertheless, occupy an important place in the functioning of the car. Speaking of the brake system, one cannot ignore the air exhaust system, namely the breather screw valve.

You can purchase the following models from us: 
  1. 3 (E21)
  2. 3 Saloon (E21)
  3. 3 (E30)
  4. 3 Saloon (E30)
  5. 3 Touring (E30)
  6. 3 (E36)
  7. 3 Saloon (E36)
  8. 3 Coupe (E36)
  9. GTV (116_)
  10. 75 (162B_)
  11. 75 Saloon (162B_)
  12. 90 (162_)
  13. ALFETTA (116_)
  14. ALFETTA Saloon (116_)
  15. GIULIETTA (116_)
  16. GIULIETTA Saloon (116_)
  17. ALFETTA GT (116_)
  18. GIULIA (105_)
  19. GIULIA Saloon (105_)
  20. 5 (E28)
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The usage of breather screw valve

The QUICK BRAKE brand Breather Screw/Valve, wheel brake cylinder itself does not wear out. However, rare use leads to souring of the screw valve in the socket, and then, when trying to unscrew it with force, it easily breaks. And then, urgently, the task of buying a breather screw valve and installing it as soon as possible is updated.

Tech Data
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Tech Data
Length [mm]31
Thread SizeM7x1
Spanner Size7
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Reference Numbers
DACIA 7701348674
HONDA 43352ST5004
MAZDA 023333691
OJD (QUICK BRAKE) 53000086
RENAULT 7701348674
TALBOT 9406710500