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Water Pump, window cleaning - V24-08-0002 VEMO

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  • Part Number: V24-08-0002
  • Brand: VEMO
  • Type: Water Pump, window cleaning
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The windshield washer pump is a part responsible for pumping fluid to the mechanism. The small-sized motor has an increased load due to constant operation. The washer system relies on a small pump to force water into the tank to clean the windshield.

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  4. RELAY Bus (230P)
  5. DUCATO Van (230_)
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  11. RELAY Platform/Chassis (230)
  12. BOXER Platform/Chassis (ZCT_)
  13. DUCATO Platform/Chassis (230_)
  14. BOXER Bus (244, Z_)
  15. BOXER Platform/Chassis (244)
  16. BOXER Van (244)
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Good visibility is very important for road safety, which is provided by a clean windshield. For these purposes, cars use windshield washers designed to clean the windshield and rear windows, and in some models, headlight-cleaning devices are used. The main elements of the glass washer are the reservoir, pump, nozzles.

The usage of the water pump

The VEMO brand Water Pump, window cleaning is used to supply a special cleaning agent to the glass. It is fixed securely to the tank body with O-rings. Structurally, it looks like an electric motor with an impeller. The motor is powered by direct current. Many washers can be fitted with a coarse filter located in front of the pump.

In the glass washer system, due to frequent operation, the pump is damaged most often. The fact that this spare part has become unusable is indicated by a stop in the supply of cleaning fluid. This can also happen due to clogged filters, which entails a complete cleaning of the entire system.

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