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Piston - 031 82 03 MAHLE ORIGINAL

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  • Part Number: 031 82 03
  • Type: Piston
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The fuel mixture burning in the internal combustion engine cylinder releases heat energy. Further, it turns into a mechanical action that makes the crankshaft rotate. The key element in this process is the piston.

This detail is not as primitive as it might seem at first glance. It would be a big mistake to think of it as a simple pusher.

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  8. C25 Bus (280_, 290_)
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  10. J5 Platform/Chassis (280L)
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  15. J5 Platform/Chassis (290L)
  16. 242 Van (242_)
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The functionality of the piston

The piston is located in the cylinder, where its reciprocating movements take place.

As it moves towards top dead center (TDC), the MAHLE ORIGINAL brand Piston compresses the fuel mixture. In a gasoline engine, it is ignited with a spark plug at a moment close to the maximum pressure. In a diesel engine, ignition occurs directly due to strong compression.

The increased pressure of the gases formed during combustion pushes the piston in the opposite direction. Together with the piston, a connecting rod articulated with it moves, which makes the crankshaft rotate. So the energy of compressed gases is converted into a torque transmitted by means of a transmission to the wheels of the car.

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Tech Data
Cylinder Bore [mm]93,26
Length [mm]95,0
Compression Height [mm]52,75
Recess Depth 1 [mm]7,4
Bolt Ø [mm]30,0
Bolt length [mm]78,0
Production Number93 L 83
Component Number1. R 2,5 Mo P
Component Number2. R 2,0 Mo
Component Number3. DSF 4,0 Cr
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