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Control Valve, compressor - 38423 NRF

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  • Part Number: 38423
  • Brand: NRF
  • Type: Control Valve, compressor
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The air conditioning compressor valve is one of the parts of the air conditioning system, which is responsible for turning the compressor on and off and affecting its performance. The valve is an alternative to the electromagnetic clutch and is used in most modern car air conditioners. The tasks of the valves include changing the mode of the climate system. They are also responsible for cycling: when the valve opens, the compressor operates at full capacity, while when closed, the valve completely shuts off the compressor.

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  6. LEON (1P1)
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The design of a compressor control valve

The NRF brand Control Valve, compressor is located between the inlet and outlet ports. The electronic control unit of the car's climate control system gives the valves the appropriate signals, in accordance with which they operate.

Structurally, the valve consists of the following elements:

  1. corps;
  2. heads;
  3. windings;
  4. shutter;
  5. stock.

The valves of the air conditioning compressor have a fairly high reliability, but they are also subject to wear and tear. The most common reason to buy a new part is winding burnout. In addition, small mechanical particles (compressor exhausts) can often penetrate inside the product, adversely affecting its performance. Valves often have inlet filters, but the risks of clogging with dirt and dust are also very high.

Tech Data
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Reference Numbers
Tech Data
Manufacturer RestrictionSANDEN
Compressor IDPXE16
Operating voltage [V]12
Cylinder Head ID (Compressor)EPA

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