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Bush, starter shaft - SBU9031 AS-PL

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  • Part Number: SBU9031
  • Brand: AS-PL
  • Type: Bush, starter shaft
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Charles Ocheret
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Good quality! Super fast delivery. Thank you a lot :)

One of the main parts of the unit, which is responsible for the shaft speed required to start the engine, is the starter bushing. This is a special element designed to rotate the armature of the entire unit. AS-PL brand Bush, starter shaft are made of bronze obtained by adding graphite. The presence of the latter allows you to avoid premature wear of parts, which occurs during friction.

The usage of the starter shaft bush

As a rule, the bushing life is quite high. But with prolonged use, such parts may fail. In this case, the load on the anchor increases. This is fraught with a wide range of breakdowns. It is unacceptable to ignore them.

If the bushings are worn out, the consequences of the starter's functioning are dire:

  1. The armature and stator windings become excessively hot, causing damage to the starter;
  2. The wear of the starter brushes increases, which requires their premature replacement;
  3. Armature collector plates wear out, so it becomes necessary to replace them.

Uncharacteristic noise under the hood when starting the vehicle cannot be ignored. Defective bushings must be replaced promptly.

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Tech Data
Inner diameter [mm]12,50
Outer diameter 1 [mm]16,05
Height [mm]12,00
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