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Hazard Light Switch - 116 060 TOPRAN

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  • Part Number: 116 060
  • Brand: TOPRAN
  • Type: Hazard Light Switch
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Good quality! Super fast delivery. Thank you a lot :)

Tachometer shaft is an element of vehicle equipment, which is a complex device that records and allows the driver to receive information about the speed at which the car is moving. It is an important, working part of an automobile tachometer and, together with other components, is responsible for determining the speed.

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The functionality of the tachometer shaft

The TOPRAN brand Hazard Light Switch is a metal wire wrapped in a plastic or rubber tube with two drives at the ends. One shaft drive imparts mechanical stress to the opposite one (rotation at the same speed). The energy transferred from drive to drive ensures accurate tachometer and odometer performance. The shaft is made of durable wire of a special steel alloy. After weaving the wire into a cable, it is galvanized, lubricated to reduce friction and inserted into the tubular protection.

If the needle of the tachometer starts twitching with increasing speed, it means that the cable or the drive is incorrectly transmitting torque to the tachometer, (this is especially noticeable with a sharp increase in speed). This element is in constant motion and changing loads. Its resource of production largely depends on the quality of the material (steel), weaving and assembly technology of all components.

Tech Data
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Tech Data
Rated Power [W]4 + 2 x 21
Colour Code302
Number of Poles7

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