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Joint Kit, drive shaft - 4843300160 JP GROUP

Joint Kit, drive shaft - 4843300160 JP GROUP

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  • Part Number: 4843300160
  • Brand: JP GROUP
  • Type: Joint Kit, drive shaft
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Drive shafts provide a dynamic connection between the drive wheels and the engine. This is because the shafts transmit the force and thus enable the suspension to move and the wheels to turn.

A very important part is the joint kit. It is precisely without this design device that the drive shaft of a car cannot do in its successful work. This structural element provides uniformity in the transmission of various tractive forces, which fall directly on the drive wheels.

You can purchase the following models from us: 
  1. CARINA E Saloon (_T19_)
  2. CARINA E (_T19_)
  3. CARINA E Liftback (_T19_)
  4. CARINA E Sportswagon (_T19_)
  5. See more in applications

The principles of the Joint kit usage

These hinges are used in almost all modern front-wheel drive passenger cars. It is also installed on all-wheel drive vehicles with independent front wheel suspension. By its principle of operation, the CV joint is similar to the classic universal joint. However, it has features that make it indispensable in passenger cars. The JP GROUP brand Joint Kit, drive shaft, in contrast to the universal joint, transfers rotation from one axis to another evenly, without jerking. In this case, the angle between the axes reaches 70 degrees, which is unacceptable for a cardan. The resource of the CV joint is several times greater than the resource of the universal joint.

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Tech Data
Fitting PositionWheel Side
Outer gearing wheel side26
Internal Teeth, wheel side23
Joint TypeCV Joint

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