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Sensor, crankshaft pulse - 1293701800 JP GROUP

Sensor, crankshaft pulse - 1293701800 JP GROUP

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  • Part Number: 1293701800
  • Brand: JP GROUP
  • Type: Sensor, crankshaft pulse
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In modern diesel and injection cars, the operation of the motor is controlled by an electronic ECU unit. For normal operation in electronic systems, sensors and actuators are used. Signals are received from the sensors, the ECU decodes and analyzes them, then activates the executing devices that inject and ignite the mixture after it has been compressed.

Without a crankshaft sensor, the ECU will go blind, fuel will be supplied from the injectors ineffectively, and ignition in the combustion chambers will become chaotic, therefore, in a particular car model, the ECU firmware, sensor type, size and formula of the synchronization gear are rigidly linked.

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The construction of the crankshaft pulse sensor

The JP GROUP brand Sensor, crankshaft pulse consists of a nylon frame, which, in turn, is put on a magnetized steel core and filled with a winding of a thin copper wire with enamel insulation. For complete reliability, the winding of this frame is sealed with a compound (a kind of resin). Since the crankshaft position sensor is located in a hard-to-reach place, a seventy-centimeter wire with a connector is attached to it to connect to the network, which is led out to the wiring harness for connection to the network. The location of the sensor in the seat even affects the performance of the entire system.

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Length [mm]69
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