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Alternator - 1190101400 JP GROUP

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  • Part Number: 1190101400
  • Brand: JP GROUP
  • Type: Alternator
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An alternator is a source of electricity and an integral part of a car's device. The principle of operation of an alternator is to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. The alternator is the main part of the generator set, which also includes a voltage regulator.

Serviceable alternators provide uninterrupted supply of current, which is necessary for the operation of most automotive electrical components: ignition systems, on-board computers, and others. At the same time, the alternator maintains the battery charge. The condition and power of the alternator directly affects the reliability of the vehicle and its performance and performance.

You can purchase the following models from us: 
  1. A4 (8D2, B5)
  2. A4 Saloon (8D2, B5)
  3. A4 / S4 (8D2, B5)
  4. A4 Avant (8D5, B5)
  5. A6 (4A2, C4)
  6. A6 Saloon (4A2, C4)
  7. A6 / S6 (4A2, C4)
  8. A6 Avant (4A5, C4)
  9. A6 / S6 Avant (4A5, C4)
  10. 100 Avant (4A5, C4)
  11. PASSAT (3B2)
  12. PASSAT Saloon (3B2)
  13. A6 (4B2, C5)
  14. A6 Saloon (4B2, C5)
  15. A6 / S6 (4B2, C5)
  16. PASSAT Variant (3B5)
  17. PASSAT Wagon (3B5)
  18. PASSAT Estate (3B5)
  19. A6 Avant (4B5, C5)
  20. A6 / S6 Avant (4B5, C5)
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The construction of the alternator

The main elements of a JP GROUP brand Alternator are a stator, a rotor and a voltage regulator. The design also contains a case of two covers, a pulley for transferring energy from the engine through a generator belt, rectifier diodes for converting alternating current into direct current, a brush assembly and other auxiliary elements.

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Tech Data
Voltage [V]12
Alternator Charge Current [A]90
Number of ribs5
Belt Pulley Ø [mm]56

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