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Sensor, throttle position - 1.995.066 EPS

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  • Part Number: 1.995.066
  • Brand: EPS
  • Type: Sensor, throttle position
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Charles Ocheret
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Good quality! Super fast delivery. Thank you a lot :)

The throttle position sensor (TPS) is a device that sends a signal to the controller about the position of the throttle valve. The meter also serves to meter fuel and select the fuel delivery mode. Sensors are of two types - contact and non-contact, differing in the principle of operation.

In the design of almost all modern vehicles, wide varieties of electronic devices are provided. Thanks to these details, various functions, control and adjustment of units, assemblies and systems are carried out. One of such devices, simple in design, but critical for a car, is the EPS brand Sensor, throttle position or simply TPS.

You can purchase the following models from us: 
  1. STARLET (_P8_)
  2. COROLLA Liftback (_E9_)
  3. COROLLA (_E9_)
  4. COROLLA Saloon (_E9_)
  5. COROLLA Compact (_E9_)
  6. 323 II (BD)
  7. 323 II Saloon (BD)
  8. GLC II (BD)
  9. 323 Mk II (BD)
  11. FAMILIA V (BD)
  12. CARINA II Saloon (_T17_)
  13. CARINA Mk II Saloon (_T17_)
  14. CARINA II (_T17_)
  15. CARINA II Liftback (_T17_)
  16. CARINA Mk II (_T17_)
  17. CARINA II Estate (_T17_)
  18. CARINA Mk II Estate (_T17_)
  19. CAMRY (_V2_)
  20. CAMRY Saloon (_V2_)
  21. See more in applications

The conditions of the throttle position sensor usage

If you find that this sensor is defective, it should be replaced as soon as possible. Otherwise, expensive repairs to an internal combustion engine are just a matter of time.

The key function that the TPS sensor performs is to transmit information about the overflow valve to the electronic control unit of the motor: whether it is open or closed. By design, it can vary significantly if you compare this part from different vehicles.

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Reference Numbers
DENSO 179950-0123
DENSO 179950-0161
FACET 10.5066
HELLA 6PX 008 476-151
HOLDEN 8945232020
KIA 0B630-18911
KW 495 066
MAZDA B630-18-911
MEAT & DORIA 83089
TOYOTA 89452-32020